Turn Out She Took a Lunch Break

19th December 2007

We give our server a bill worth twice the cost of our meal, and she vanishes. Some time later, we ask another waitress where she has gone. The waitress asks what she looked like. In Spanish, I say, “She had a short tail.” The waitress looks confused. “Her tail was short,” I say, gesturing toward my head. The waitress nods. “Do you mean her hair?” “Ah. Yes,” I say. “Her hair.”

8 thoughts on “Turn Out She Took a Lunch Break

  1. Nancy

    Ah, fun with language. I once walked into a Paris store and made, what I thought was a perfectly spoken request for a hair dryer. The shopkeeper looked surprised and then started laughing so hard she snorted.

    Come to find out that I had been asking for a ‘horse dryer’. Cheval IS close to cheveux but oh-so not the same thing.

  2. Linda

    In Paris a friend of mine worked up her nerve to ask the butcher to cut the feet off the chicken before she bought it. After he stopped laughing he explained that she had just asked for the butcher to cut off HER feet: in French, only people have feet. All other animals have paws. Even chickens.

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