7 thoughts on “Calendar Guide

  1. Cathy

    I love calendars. Love them. I love planners. Love them. I just sent my husband the link and his response, “Why did you send me this?” As if the gift-giving season isn’t coming…

  2. Kate

    Thanks for this, Maggie! I was at Powell’s today looking for the 08 Moleskine planners & didn’t find them yet. I immediately bought the red one you featured on Mighty Goods after following this link! I’m so excited – filling out new calendars and planners is one of my favorite things! Now, on to buy for everyone else on my list…

  3. Meg

    I wait for this every year with baited breath. I actually bought one of the the decor8 list (thank you for the link) but my heart is with Mighty Goods.
    My one comment for Calendar makers: I love Calendars because I love to PLAN! Why the trend of not letting me write on the damn DAYS? WHY?

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