G Diapers, the Verdict

I’m talking about diapers in this post. If you don’t care, you should totally check out this awesome article on the erotic appeal of the Land’s End Catalog.

All right, now a while ago I mentioned that we were switching out to G-Diapers and I’d tell you how it went. The verdict is, I still love them. I eased into using them overnight and for travel, and it’s working out. More stuff I learned:

Pay attention to the clock.You have to be on top of the diaper changes (about every two hours) because when the diapers get full, they’re actually damp against the baby’s skin. Upside is, this should help with toilet training. Downside is, if you’re not careful, you could have a diaper rash on your hands. Or rather, on the baby’s butt.

Fine for travel.They’re awesome out in the world because you can flush the poopies instead of carrying them around with you in a gross little plastic bag (so you don’t rudely stink up the public restroom). This is my favorite thing about them. However, they can be a bit bulkier in the diaper bag if you want to carry an extra cover and liner in addition to the absorbent pads.

No plumbing issues so far.We have old plumbing, and it doesn’t seem to be a problem. I’m really careful about making sure the diaper is completely stirred around and broken up before I flush.

They’re super cute.They come in great colors, are easy to use, and are way less bulky than cloth or even some disposables. In warmer months, I’ll let him wear the diaper in lieu of shorts without ruining his cute little outfit.

They do cost more. Like many things that are better for the environment, they’re more expensive. Disposables are about 19 cents each, G-diaper liners are about 36 cents apiece, and that’s not counting the initial investment of about $68 for the cloth covers. This may be a deal breaker for many.

Poopy diapers, even bad ones aren’t really a hassle. I’ve only once had a poopy diaper that made it past the liner and onto the cloth. This is probably because I run my finger around the leg bands every time I change him, but you have to do that with disposables too. You can also just rinse the plastic liners, and they dry within minutes.

In conclusion, thumbs up! Way to go G-Diapers.

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