Ten Steps to Blogging Genius Presentation

14th November 2007

The reason you should never use a 4G photo memory card is that when it konks out, you lose weeks of your life. I can’t even remember what was on the begining of the damn thing, but all my Detroit photos so far are kaput. I’ll miss you Eastern Market, gorgeous burnt-out ruins, weird face Melissa makes when you tell her you want to cuddle. I’ll miss all of you. In the meantime, here are some presentation photos Bryan took.

23 thoughts on “Ten Steps to Blogging Genius Presentation

  1. Alissa

    Oh my goodness, I’m SO glad Melissa took you to Eastern Market, it is by far my favorite place to spend a Saturday Morning. I hope you went to the spice company, R. Hirt and the little wine shop owned by the 70 year old Irishman. I ‘heart’ Detroit. Welcome to our city!

  2. jill

    there’s still hope for your memory card. there is recovery software you can download. try googling it. i’ve seen it work.

  3. Lisa

    OMG, Now I’m going to worry about that. My husband bought me an 8G card. Now you have me panicked that I’ll lose it. We’re leaving the this for 10 days and I know I’ll be takign tons of photos, guess I’ll unload each night. Thanx for hte warning.

  4. heather

    Wow, you seem to be one of the liveliest Power Point presenters I’ve ever seen. And I second (third? fourth?) the above commenters. Pretty templates!

  5. Kris

    I have some pictures I’ll send you from your presentation. I forgot to bring Bryans business card with me to send them, but I should be able to get to it tonight.

  6. witchypoo

    I was giggling to myself about the irony of signing books in the library. (like the librarians getting mad when people write in the books) Of course, I knew these people had bought these books. I think I have way too much time on my hands.

  7. Jenn

    I’m just hoping you might do an East Coast tour. Perhaps in the Greater Philadelphia area? I would totally bring Hank (and you!)a cheesesteak.

  8. Lisa

    That’s my worst nightmare right there. I think I’d have a mini breakdown if one of my cards ever died on me. I was considering getting an 8GB card. Reading this made me decide to stick to my 2s. Hope you recover your pictures somehow.

  9. Susanne

    Would you consider elaborating about the Ten Steps to Blogging Genius slide? I’m super curious.

    And these slides are awesome. You’re clearly the next Al Gore.

  10. George Plizinotski

    Buy a 4gb thumb drive and do a little math, a little dance, and cha cha cha you have data integrity. Never, ever ever depend solely on
    one dance partner to win you the show, for they may have two left feet and they trip, they fall, and the show is ooooover\\\\\\\\\\

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