11th November 2007

I’m always mildly freaked before I present, and then surprised afterward by how much fun it is. This time around I was presenting some new material, and I was really happy with the result. This was in part because of the extra-welcoming crowd — a few people even drove well out of their way to come say hi, which made me feel all aw-shucksy.

Anyway, it’s time to start taking this show on the road more, we’ve been having a blast. If you missed us this time, but want to come say hi, the next place I’m scheduled to present is at SxSW.

Now I’m going to bed. Tomorrow, Detroit! I’m hoping they’ll have cocktails there.

21 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. witchypoo

    All the really good speakers/performers have stage fright before. I hope that you get a chance to meet up with some of your grateful readers on your tour.

  2. Sarah

    After your presentation, I met a friend for a late lunch at Bazbeaus. Imagine my surprise when I noticed you walk in with Brian & Hank. (!) Your presentation was great- I left excited and inspired with so many ideas. Thank you for coming, and where those socks, over boots? Or leg-warmers? Whatever it was, I’m trying it.

  3. Evolving

    OH YEAH! Hooray for Maggie in Austin. I will be there miss lady thang. Because I am totally in love with MightyGoods and you.

    You have a contact here if you need directions or the best place to get sushi. :)

  4. grudge girl

    I was so inspired by your ideas, and by the incredibly nice lady who, having no idea who I was, leant me $20 so I could buy your book! (The check’s in the mail, Jennifer!) You and your family are gorgeous, and you are just as charming and funny in person as you are online. Thanks so much for coming to Indy!

    (I’m glad you got to Bazbeaus (Bazbeaux?). Mmmmm. Delish.)

  5. Nikki

    Ok, so my excuse for missing your presentation was my daughters’ soccer game and a little early birthday celebrating for them. That’s understandable, right?

    I would have loved to check out your presentation, as I thoroughly enjoy your writing, photographs and websites. Any chance you’ll hit the midwest again? How about Columbus? I sense the need to petition our libraries now. Either that or I chuck the family at home and road trip it to SxSW. Hmmmm.

    Please let us know when you’ll be back in our neck of the woods again…

  6. Jeffrey

    Maggie, your presentation in Indianapolis was great. I was not bored at any time during it. Inspired many times. Interesting for me was the last point about saying yes to doing new things. Going to your lecture was exactly that. (Sorry, I didn’t come up after, I’m shy, and just going to the lecture was big stretch for me.) Blessings to you and your family.

  7. Jeanne

    Maggie, you did such a good job yesterday! I couldn’t stick around to introduce myself, but you lived up to my expectations that I’d walk away with tangible ideas and that you’d be as cool in real life as in cyberspace!

  8. lkmanitou

    Truly enjoyed your presentation yesterday! I’m all ready starting to apply some of your suggestions for writing items down and catching up on blogging over TV time :)

  9. Kandice

    Thanks for the presentation, the encouragement, and the inspiration. I updated the look of my page, started a notebook, and intend to make my first regular post tonight. Oh and by the way, I enjoyed you and what you “put out there yesterday” so much that I told three of my friends about your book. :)

  10. nezzy

    OMG – I almost drove 5 hours to see Maggie but the weather had other ideas. Amazed/glad to see that Bazbeaux’s (how the hell do you spelll it?) is still around and that’s the only place I would have sough out – I haven’t been to Indy in years!

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