Discussing Family Halloween Costumes

26th September 2007

Me: We could just redo the Hot Dog on a Stick thing. Hank could be a soft pretzel! But then we’d have to rebuild your corndog outfit.
Bryan: We could do that.
Me: Or Hank could be a monkey, you could be a banana, and I could be Carmen Miranda.
Bryan: … Why do I always have to be a giant phallus?
Me: I guess that’s just how I see you.

14 thoughts on “Discussing Family Halloween Costumes

  1. denise


    scroll down to the 4th row of pics, the one on the left with the baby, rabbit and panda bear. it would be cute (for hank) and phallic (for bryan) if hank was a retro astronaut, bryan was a rocket and hank was in his carrier on bryan’s back, like he’s riding the rocket. you could be a star or comet.

  2. JC

    Be a fisherman, a mermaid and a goldfish.

    And I personally always wanted to be Little Bo Peep and have the baby be my little lamb.

  3. elsimom

    Our whole family went as pirates one year – and the baby was the parrot, with daddy carrying him. Hubby was a scurvy pirate, not a dashing pirate – can you guess which type I had in mind when I suggested this?! I was his wench, etc.

  4. Jaimie

    Or to build on Denise’s rocketship idea, your husband could be the rocket, you could be the star, and Hank could be the monkey on his explatory trip to space!

  5. Alyce

    I keep stopping at the use of the word ‘rebuild’ when it comes to Bryan’s corndog outfit.

    Links to photos forthcoming, please?

  6. superblondgirl

    Wow. Your family’s costume ideas are so much cooler than mine (witch. ghost. zombie. PeeWee Herman) Bryan should be proud that you are so proud of his, um, bits. And want to share your pride with the world.

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