24th September 2007

Go see Sweeney Todd at the ACT. If you live in the Bay Area, or have plans to visit, you must go. Buy your tickets now please. Spoilers ahead:

Sweeney Todd, of course, is a musical about a serial killer. In this production, the cast doubles as the orchestra. Do you hear me? They found people who could act and sing and play instruments.

You will come away feeling gravely untalented, but you will also want to kiss John Doyle on the mouth. (Is that cool, Mr. Doyle? Do you mind if San Francisco kisses you on the mouth? We like you as more than a friend.)

Anyway, see it! You must see it.

13 thoughts on “Endorsment

  1. Lisa

    …of course, is a musical about a serial killer. I just love how you said that like so naturally like it’s a lovely evening or we’ve run out of tissue. Musicals and serial killers. I love it.

  2. misstraceynolan

    Mirvish Productions, in Toronto, where I work, will be bringing this production to town in November and I CANNOT WAIT. It’s things like this that make me remember why I got into the business in the first place. Go Sondheim!

  3. Kevin

    I loathe musicals. Loathe. I mean, can’t the actors just say a couple of lines and have a conversation without having to break into song every two minutes?

    This, however, rocked.

  4. QofD

    Watching reality tv usually makes me feel gravely untalented, so the sensation isn’t exactly unfamiliar and one I would be more than happy to endure to see a musical about a serial killer.

  5. james

    The recent revival of Company here in NYC starring Raul Esparza (look him up; kiss him on the mouth), though plagued with a completely mediocre supporting cast, did the same orchestra-cum-actors trick. Quite neat!

  6. siobhan

    I know that Sweeney Todd is just a tale (“attend the tale of Sweeney Todd!”), but, in London, I work in a building which is supposed to have been the site of Mrs Lovett’s pie shop.

    Fantastic musical. I wish I was there to see it.

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