They Glow in the Dark

24th August 2007

Since Hank came along, my hand washing has vastly increased. In addition to bathroom-related hand washing, I wash my hands after I change a diaper, before I fix a bottle or clip his nails, after I come inside from spending time out in the city, and so on. The rest of me is covered in dried baby food and spit up, but I could safely perform surgery with zero notice.

12 thoughts on “They Glow in the Dark

  1. Hecticmom

    Wait until you start carrying around antibacterial wipes and/or hand sanitizer and start whipping it out at the doctors office and cleaning everything in site – especially Henry’s hands after holding the books/magazines that you just KNOW a sick kid was holding not 5 mins before. Yeah… I’m a mom too…

  2. Rae

    Yes! I had to start using that soap with lotion in it, because of the chappedness. And what is the use of putting lotion on, since you are only going to wash them in two seconds again?

  3. jennifer

    i have started spraying myself and objects with clean well as a “preventative” measure. after a visit from an unwell friend, i sprayed down my glider, playmat and stuffed worm (with the pocket size, harder to pump).

  4. Julie

    It’s funny that you just posted this because I was JUST thinking about this last night. I NEVER used to wash my hands unless they had something (visible) on them. Now I wash them all the time. My baby hates pacifiers but loves my finger and all I can ever think when I’m out is “would I want to suck on my own finger right now?”

  5. Erica C.

    Good post but brings back waaaaaaaay too many memories. I have 3 daughters 7,8,12. I’m over that part. But the hubby has been looking at me all shifty eyed here lately……I hope he doesn’t have thoughts of procreating again!


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