21st August 2007

The SUV next to me is booming with bass, playing rap at top volume.

I look over to see the driver, a young blond woman with a precise haircut. Her hands are in small fists below her chin. She punches at the air and shrugs her shoulders to the beat. Everything is fine with her. Things are going okay.

8 thoughts on “Today

  1. hello insomnia

    I love it when people get really into the songs, oblivious that others can tell that judging from that falsetto-face, it’s probably something from Whitney Houston.

  2. Dangercat

    Regardless of ones ethnicity, or his/her flaunting of the laws governing the level of sound a vehicle can make, Just how obtuse can you be that you do not realize that your music is committing assault on evreyone in a 1/2 mile radius? Deafness by choice is one thing, but I am careful of, and rather keen on my keen hearing. My dad always said the best treatment for a fool is to let them keep on doing whatever they are doing. Maybe dear old Dad is right. Get your krunk on Tiny Blond Woman!

  3. AmethystGreye

    I’ll bet you anything she was a Senior or Junior year cheerleader and she was “seat rehearsing” the squad’s latest dance routine. Everything about that scenario fits.

    And, no, I was never a cheerleader. Band geek, actually, and then Lit. Mag. editor. We encounter cheerleaders a lot.

  4. Erica C.

    That’s like when I’m blasting It’s the end of the world as we know it (I feel fine) by REM or XTC’s “Merely a Man” in my truck. It’s funny to see the looks on the local’s faces when they see a petite black women step out! The looks are priceless.

  5. candy

    if i had better speakers in my jeep, that could be me! although i sometimes feel like billy madison when he goes to high school with some of the other music i (try to) blast.

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