37 thoughts on “Something New Every Day

  1. Fatemeh

    Oh. Ick. Eeew.

    Unless, you know, it’s Hank’s toenails. In which case, I would like to gobble up his whole leetle foot.

  2. Tired but happy

    I don’t get this fashion of leaving toenails long and grooming them like they were fingernails. I like toenails short. That includes mine, and the ones that belong to the person I share a bed with, and any that I have to look at.

  3. Page

    I told my 3-year-old son it was time to cut his fingernails and he cried, “No! Then I won’t have super powers anymore!” I asked him if he kept his power in his nails, and he replied, “Yes. And in my belly.”

  4. Jim

    Seems like the witty banter you would have. The rest of the stuff on your site seems made up.

  5. J

    Maybe somebody should start a club for toenail widows? My bf’s toenails have sometimes gotten so bad that I made up a secret alter ego around them. With a theme song.
    “Dagger toes! He’s your man! He’ll fight he villains like no one else can. Dagger toes! Just be careful bad guys, when you see him reach to untie his shoelaces!”
    (Sung, of course, like a James Bond song.)

    Anyhow, I sent him this link and it may have reformed him.
    “That’s disgusting! Until I read it on the internet I never realized how gross it was,” he said.

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