One of Those

I first met Alli in seventh grade, which was easily the most cringeworthy year of my life. In college, I happened to answer an ad her housemate placed. We ended up becoming roommates, then best buddies, then workmates. She comes from a family of artists, and is the only lawyer I know who is deeply into decoupage.

You know those people who you can ask anything? Like you say, “I need a twelve single men, an armadillo, and a Danish-modern credenza in this room within the next three hours,” and they can make it happen? Alli’s one of those.

12 thoughts on “One of Those

  1. You know, I *could* use twelve single men, an armadillo, and a Danish-modern credenza… I wish I knew somebody like Alli! *sigh*

    Nice pics – love the one with you reading near Hank. Enjoy that while it lasts!


  2. Hi Vanessa, the slideshows are through a program called pictobrowser. Just click the little INFO link in the lower right corner of my slideshow and it’ll take you to the application that does it for you. In fact, you won’t even leave my page to get the link you need.


  3. tell alli who can get you anything that i need a friend like her. then tell her i need 12 paying audience members and a small nightclub….oh, and a band. 3 piece is fine although i’d like a cello and a piano and maybe even a trumpet. we’ll deal with the recording studio later.

    and can she help me download kung fu like in ‘the matrix’? oh, and i forgot – 200 double chocolate fudge cupcakes. and some yemeni coffee………


  4. Hello I was blog skipping today and happened upon yours, like Vanessa I really enjoy your use of Pictobrowser, and spent most of the day trying to get one to work as well as your slideshows do. Would you share with me how you managed to get your images to resize within those parameters without cropping or pixelating? I read through the pictobrowser intro page, but it doesn’t solve this issue like you seem to do. Hope I’m not bothering you too much…


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