21 thoughts on “Saturday Market

  1. sparkle

    were they still in the ‘meep’ stage, where they go around, “meep, meep, meep, meep, meep.”

    if so, then it was a smurf of meeps.

  2. Kate C.

    It’s a bevy of girls and a gaggle of boys.

    I am with Bryan Mason- Wait wait steals my heart. I use TAL as a “oops, don’t feel like teaching” tool. So I love it, too.

  3. etherdust

    See, now I’ve always thought of it as a giddy of girls — whether teenage or school. When they get old enough to retire they’re either a knit or a murder.

    For boys it’s a diamond or a wheel, but I’m kind of soft on those.

  4. BOSSY

    Bossy never realized how annoying women are until she owned a flock of hens. Bossy has this to say: every chicken-related expression you’ve ever heard is true, including ‘hen-pecked’ and … wait, was there another?

  5. Jena

    I think a “murder” is correct, it’s what comes to mind when you see the trixies go by anyway. At least around here (Chicago, downtown).

  6. Nora

    In our house we call them a ‘giggle’ or a ‘cringe.’ (This was subject to extensive debate some years back).

  7. Jen

    Sigh. I’m for murder. I’ve got a couple of pre-teen girls on my hands, and it seems an appropriate label.

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