25 thoughts on “Things on Which We Now Have Opinions

  1. Kandice

    Thank you for voting for thse two, Bryan! I am just now coming out of my three-day-bronchitis-sinus-infection-hydrocodone-cough-medicine-induced coma and watched Idol this afternoon as my two kids were (thank God) taking a nap at the same time.


    Nightmares aside, I promise you that the breastfeeding will get easier and the need for the Lansinoh will subside. After a couple of weeks, I promise you won’t recoil in horror, cradling your breasts as if they might melt, should the water from the shower touch them.

    Good luck and congratulations!


  2. Matthew

    Maggie and Bryan
    Siting in a tree
    K I S S
    I N G
    First comes love
    Then comes marriage
    Then comes a baby in a baby carriage
    Then comes a inexplicably addiction to reality television

  3. Bryan Mason

    OK – to be clear:

    1) I love to vote. I just like voting for things. It’s a civic duty.

    2) The Indian kid is 17 and I just like him.

    3) The big guy is just my kinda dude: funny, self-possessed – with a good voice.

    4) None of the other guys are all that impressive.

    5) shut up.

  4. Monkee

    While I admit that I do watch the show, I often have a hard time caring enough about any of them to vote FOR them, but I can easily find a few I hate enough to vote AGAINST. So I usually vote for all of the ones that I don’t loathe. I guess that’s probably not keeping with the spirit of the competition.

  5. anne

    When our daughter was born last February, we succumbed to American Idol as well (multiple hours per week!!!). As her first birthday approaches this weekend, I can report that we have been happily planted in front of the couch the last two nights. Although somehow it’s not the same without having to walk around consoling her, nurse her, wonder what was wrong with her…but maybe that’s why I like it even more. Hope your first week went well!

  6. marymuses

    I have never watched American Idol until this season; it’s too early for me to feel comfortable voting. I do, however, feel comfortable calling my sister-in-law and telling her who she should vote for on my behalf.

    I totally love Young Indian Guy, and when it comes to the ladies, I heart LaKisha. FOREVER.

  7. Iz

    I am so glad that there are other driven people in the world who like me believe that it is EXTREMELY important to vote on American Idol! And my choices are the same. Well, more Sanjaya, because I’m Indian too!

  8. amanda

    Ok, first, I am simply infatuated with Hank’s nose. It’s just so perfect!
    Second, I love the different rhythms couples have in their communication. Yours drips with laidback hipness.

  9. emily

    You mean, when we get pregnant my husband might develop an appreciation of American Idol? Woohoo, bonus! :D

    I second Lacy’s “India Barbie” assessment of Sanjaya, sorry — he looks like one of those tranny Thai pop singers. Not that there’s anything *wrong* with that but…not gettin’ my vote. I like A.J., and I *did* like Sundance until his 60’s flashback, ugh.

    I predict a Melinda/Lakisha showdown — sweet!

  10. Megan

    The first week with a new baby… I can’t imagine. What a world change. Best wishes as you negotiate and navigate your new life.

  11. Amy

    I would vote, but I’m in Canada. But if I could vote, it would have been for Blake Lewis.

    Melinda/LaKisha/Blake are final three.

  12. Susan

    My 7 year old son voted too – for Sanjaya. I even know his name! I loved the curly haired guy too – but we told son in advance he could only have one vote.

  13. Anne

    My husband voted too and we have a one year old. Hmmmm.

    As he dialed, he mused, “I used to be cool, what’s happening to me?”.

    Next up on your agenda: Baby Einstein. Elmo. Thomas the Train. Dinner time poo talk, which we quickly deemed forbidden.

  14. greeblemonkey

    oh, I have to leave my first comment on this one. In the immortal words of David Cassidy… I think I love you! That kid is so adorably Indian Teen Beat. I am totally into the girls this year, though. Oh, and Blake won my heart for singing Keane. Sigh.

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