7th December 2006

What I think of first, when I think of you:

Jake got really annoyed whenever someone told him their dog’s name was Jake.

Katy wouldn’t drink rootbeer because she thought it tasted like toothpaste.

Geno wouldn’t go into Port-A-Potties because of an overwhelming fear that the booth would blow over–door side down–trapping him inside.

18 thoughts on “You

  1. dani

    ! I never knew what it was about rootbeer that I didn’t like… Katy nailed it. Thank you. A toothpaste-tasting float? I never got it.

  2. Amy at Fannfare

    I was tipped over (on purpose!) in a port-a-potty during the Beach Boys concert On The Mall on July 4 many years ago. Door-side-up, but still. My pants were up when it happened, but clearly my guard was down. Geno is no dummy!

  3. WendyP

    I’ve heard professional tasters – people whose taste buds are much more highly evolved than my own, obviously – say that rootbeer is just wintergreen and vanilla flavors, in most cases.

  4. Kellbo

    Johanna was terrified of moths because she once drove through a swarm (flock? plaugue?) of them in a convertible at night. A few even made their way into her mouth- GASP!

  5. V

    Sarah couldn’t eat raisins because once as a child while eating them straight out of the box she got a mouthful of ants.

  6. Peeved Michelle

    On Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu this week, a Land Rover rear-ended a Hummer and together they took out a brick pillar, three trash cans and a port-a-potty. Fortunately no one was in the potty, as it was completely demolished.

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  8. Sara

    My son’s name is Cooper and lately I’m hearing of a lot more people whose dogs are named Cooper! It’s kind of odd.

  9. Heidi

    I get 1 of three different comments when people here my name is Heidi. 1) We have a German Shepherd named Heidi. 2) HEIDI, HEIDI HO! 3) Have you read the book? The responses I wish I could give: 1) Heidi wasn’t German she was Swiss. 2) just roll my eyes (not original) and 3) Do you really think my parents named me Heidi and I didn’t receive at least one copy a year until I was 10?
    And for the record, yes I did read it.

  10. Katrin

    My sister’s name is Gretchen. Her whole life, people have told her they used to have a dog named Gretchen, and it was always either a dachshund or a poodle. Now my boss (whose name is Heidi, incidentally) has a dog named Gretchen. Her husband wanted to name their daughter after the dog, but fortunately she shot that idea down.

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