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17th November 2006

I have a joke up over at Josh A. Cagan’s Joke Club (scroll down until you see my photo). Mr. Cagan is an official NaBloPoMo participant, which means a solid month of hilarious posts from the Cagan household. Go read them.

Here’s, the joke he didn’t use:

Kevin Federline reportedly wrote a nasty message to his ex-wife Britney Spears on the shower door of his dressing room at the House of Blues in Chicago. The message was scrawled in permanent marker, which begs the question, where did he get opposable thumbs?

5 thoughts on “Joke Club

  1. Maggie Post author

    She means this:


    “More recently, “begs the question” has been used as a synonym for “invites the question” or “raises the question”, or to indicate that “the question really ought to be addressed”. In this usage, “the question” is stated in the next phrase. For example: “This year’s budget deficit is half a trillion dollars. This begs the question: how are we ever going to balance the budget?” This usage is often sharply criticized by proponents of the traditional meaning, but it has nonetheless come into common use as a result of its use in the media, especially by people ignorant of its original use. Argument over whether this usage should be considered incorrect is an example of the debate between linguistic prescription and description.”

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