Guess Before My Song is Done

31st October 2006

Bryan is helping organize a Bill Clinton event tomorrow, and he went for a walk-through with Secret Service this morning. When he returned to the car, Bryan gestured at the crowd outside. Everyone was wearing bright T-shirts and jeans, but one guy was in a severe dark suit and shiny dress shoes.

Bryan: Can you guess which of those guys is Secret Service?
Me: (Singing) Which of these kids is doing his own thing?
B: Which of these kids is heav-i-ly armed?

11 thoughts on “Guess Before My Song is Done

  1. Kirs

    Some yahoo from down the street was trying to fake like he was a g-man. It’s all about the best Halloween costume. Besides, secret Servicemen are much more inconspicuous in t-shirts and jeans in the city.

  2. lane

    Hi Maggie… not sure if you remember me, as we only met a few times, I think. Jason Sutter’s girlfriend? Anyway, so lovely to see that you’re pregnant. Congratulations! :)

    Jason and I moved to New Zealand about 4 weeks ago. Sort of nuts, but in a good way.

    Anyway, I found you via obsessive browsing on the NaBloPoMo Randomizer I made. I’m looking forward to this month of non-stop blogging, if you can’t tell. Give it a whirl, let me know if there are any kinks:

    It’s nice to catch up on your corner of the world. You seem to be doing very well!

  3. pseudostoops

    When I went to college with the kid of a president, my favorite part was the Secret Service detail trying to “blend in” in their woefully out of date acid washed jeans and bright colored sweatshirts. That and the earpieces always gave them away.

  4. Quel

    It’s refreshing to know I’m not the only nerd that sings that particular song at every moment I deem appropriate.


    p.s. I *heart* Billy

  5. Susan

    This should go in your Favorite Posts. If I got a chance to meet Bill, I’d wear my just ordered “I fuck like a girl” shirt. CAN YOU HEAR ME BILL?! CAN YOU?

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