Not Fun, Part I

17th October 2006

From Esquire‘s October 2006 edition:

“I don’t think I can affect anything about the political decisions in our country or in other countries. I just want to make movies. I want to entertain people and make it a funner place. Wars and stuff: That’s not fun.” –David Lehre, Filmmaker (age 21)

12 thoughts on “Not Fun, Part I

  1. Karen

    It’s the cliched surfer’s mentality:

    War’s, like, a total bummer dude.

    Seriously, though, if he’s serious about filmaking as a craft, then shouldn’t he be wanting to (artistically) affect the world? Or is he just in it for the money?

  2. Stefanie

    I don’t think artists or filmmakers necessarily have to use their work or their influence to effect change (or even to state an opinion on the world), but to word his apathy that way does make him sound like a moron. As does his use of the word “funner.”

  3. Shannon O

    As someone who surfs and is actually in tune with what is happening in the world (and cares), I’m a bit irritated with the “stupid surfer” comment. I think that this quote is more of a perfect example of the cliched “stupid american”.

  4. staceymay

    This is what’s wrong with my generation (I’m 23). We have been taught that we can’t make a difference because they won’t listen to us because we’re kids. My generation has huge voter apathy and wonders why we don’t have a say – because my generation says things like this, which project the ‘I don’t care attitude’. Makes me sick. I don’t think that all artists need to be in it to make a difference, but we all need to be aware and educated enough to know that we should want to make a difference.

  5. ~A

    no. oh no oh no oh no. Anyway, it’s a testament to how well this administration has worked over this generation: Speak against and you speak against freedom, children, laughing and kisses on the first date. They’ve been told to just sit back and let someone else take care of it. Also, things develop so fast in technology and culture these days that they must also feel that their window to be involved, to shape things, is about as wide as a whisper and, if they miss it, they’re passed up.

    …and then there’s the idea that he’s just another example of the cliched stupid kid. -who’s published in Esquire.
    (and, I think Karen was talking “cliches” more than surfer but, I agree with Shannon O that it’s more “cliched stupid slacker” than surfer, gen xer, etc. Also, I surf and consider surfers to be rather involved with caring about world events and positive change. …you know, so as to not bum us out.

  6. Jules

    I couldn’t even concentrate on what the quote says. I hate anything said by anyone who uses the word “funner”. Because it’s not a word. Ever.

  7. Mau

    Dude! Seriously! Why do we even pay attention to him? Gosh! It’s like, I didn’t even know who were you talking about.

    Ummm…. He grew up asking Google to solve all his problems, you know? Stuff like that. That’s how his life is funner.

    I was like, who is he? Then I noticed that he’s like, I don’t know … like…. umm… Gosh! My brain is like going dead and stuff.

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