16 thoughts on “Still Sleepy

  1. jon deal

    Nice job!

    And in a a bit of serendipity, I stopped my iTunes from playing that exact same Zepplin song they played so I could listen to you! :-]

  2. erat

    For some reason, you sound EXACTLY how I’d expect you to sound. Don’t ask why, I can’t figure it out either.

    What’s the deal with the nautical ambient noise in the background, anyway? Bad recording? Audio artifacts? Just wonderin’…

  3. Billygean

    My book came today! In fact, two of them! Thanks so much for listening.

    I read the whole thing in the bath. And I dipped the corners in the water. That’s how good a read it was.


  4. Gordo

    What an enjoyable peek in to the process for a reader of so many blogs. When you mentioned Finslippy, Kottke and Dooce I was tickled by the feeling I was almost an insider, because I have been reading them for so long. You give good interview. Never repeating or talking over the audience. Nice Job!

  5. birchsprite

    That was a fantastic interview…….

    Sitting here in my office in England this afternoon, it was weird to feel like it was first thing in the morning and that I was over there listening to you (if that makes any sense!)

  6. Bethany

    Hey Maggie. Just listened to the interview and you were great. Articulate (of course) informative and man you managed to pack a bunch of info in there. I highly enjoyed it! Loved the shout outs too!

  7. Alexandra

    Hi Maggie. I loved the interview. I think you should read all of your blog entries – call it mighty audible. I would love to her you annunicate my favorite lines you have ever written: “Go to gaze upon the romping, wheezing mass, and listen to the baffled owners calling out, “Prudence?” “Winston?” “Reeeeehmington!”.

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