15 thoughts on “Famous Pop Rhetoricals

  1. Joe

    OK, Katies link to the urban dictionary made me snort chai tea from my nose. Do any of you know how that burns? Damn you Katie~!

  2. Cathy

    I just wonder if Maggie has any idea how numbered are her days of pop-culture awareness. Barney and friends don’t sing like that!

  3. shy me

    every time I hear that song I think of ED (you know… the thing men don’t want to talk to their doctor about even though it’s normal and happens to politicians too?)
    The way I hear the song, the guy’s London Bridge *goes down* every time they’re together… if you know what I mean.
    And then I laugh.
    Which helps with the pain of having heard the song in the first place.

    “Sorry honey, my London Bridge usually doesn’t go down. I must be stressed. It’s not you…”

  4. capacious

    Pop music is good. My husband is currently driving me crazy with this song, also, not only because he wants to make my London Bridge go down (constantly), but because he sings “Fergie Ferg, me love you long time,” and it’s “Fergie Ferg-IE, me love you long time.” He’s a good guy, but…how much longer can I stand this type of lyrical mistake?

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