17th August 2006

Today’s baby update email says “your belly may soon be big enough to announce to the world that you’re expecting.”

Soon? Soon?! Eat it, baby update. Strangers have been offering me seats and pointing out uneven spots on the floor for three weeks. Everyone is making twin jokes, which by the way are hilarious. Hilarious in a way that makes you cry and cry and cry.

Other things that are making me cry include:

– The Jetta commercial where the two guys crash and fly forward into the air bags. But then they’re OK! Just standing there all safe-like by the car! And honey, I just bought a Jetta. OK?
– The part in “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack where she sings “DAAAAANCE! I hope you da-a-a-a-ance.”
– The Where the Hell is Matt video (via Andrea)
– The hotel shower gel that smells like the honeysuckle in my childhood backyard.

48 thoughts on “Soon

  1. Broch

    I totally understand about the Matt video… I have been to many of those places, and seeing it again brings back a lot of wonderful memories. It just gets you kind of choked up.

  2. erin

    june 2005, a lady at my work kept saying, “are you gonna have that baby already?” i had to scrape her jaw off the floor when i told her i wasn’t due until the end of august.
    also, several, several people asked me if i was sure i wasn’t haven’t twins. after 4 ultrasounds i told them i was pretty sure.
    3 weeks early i gave birth to a 9lb 13 oz boy.
    i think i ate too much candy & mashed potatoes with gravy.

  3. luke

    Those Jetta commercials make me cry – in a bad way. (It’s more of a yelp.) I do not need abrupt and scary crashes interrupting my TV snack break. Maggie, can you please use you newfound power as someone published in national periodicals to bring back the commmercial with the guy racing to the wedding while the J. Ralph song plays in the background? Those were happy tears.

  4. Annagrace

    At 7 months along I looked more than ready to pop. Penelope was born 8lbs 8oz at 41 weeks–turned out I had 14 extra oz of amniotic fluid. I used to joke to friends that if they needed anything else kept warm, I had some extra space.

    Biggest pregnancy pet-peeve: the word “preggo” and the way certain people thought it was much cuter than saying pregnant. I felt like they were referring to me as a family-sized bottle of marinara.

  5. Mau

    Ahh gotta love the ‘twins’ jokes… They don’t sound that funny when I realize that my mother-in-law is a twin, and that there was another set of twins that didn’t make it before her and her sister… er… twin sister.

    A few weeks ago we met with my wife’s cousins and they told their kids that we were expecting a baby, little Jessica put her hand on my wife’s tummy and they asked her… what do you think? a boy or a girl? what’s going to be? she said: “hmm… I think a boy… and a girl”

    Very nice.

  6. Chase

    WOW at the Matt video. That’s just amazing. I’m pretty far from being pregnant, but it makes me cry, too.

    Thanks for that. How wonderful.

  7. Mau

    Ohh… and about crying?? My wife sheds a tear or two every day because she uses the DVR to record ‘A Baby Story’ on TLC… She has gone through so many deliveries, that I think she should have enough training for the big day. =)

    I am wondering if she’s going to go through all daily episodes (about 4 a day) for the next 6 months… she doesn’t know.

  8. Jen

    heh… I’m only in my 6th week and I totally feel like I’m showing already. Even my husband is like ‘hm..’ And there have been plenty of twin/triplet jokes floating around. I am not amused!

  9. DoctorMama

    I got the twins comment, along with the “wow, it must be soon!” one over a month earlier.
    Baby was 5 lbs 15 frickin’ ounces, and there was about a swimming pool’s worth of fluid. Not the little kiddie type pool either.

  10. Joe

    We’re expecting our second child in December and I was relieved when only one was found on the ultrasound. The children should not outnumber the adults. Once that balance is disturbed they will attack you in your sleep like small dogs that missed one meal. I saw it on TV :)

  11. Laura

    Ack – twins! I am 35 weeks pregnant with twins – and look the part! I’m constantly frustrated by nosy bystanders who, as early as week 28, would approach me and say; “looks like any day now, hmmm?” My response? “Yes, it does look like it, doesn’t it?”

    Our initial shock and fear are ever fading, and now we are looking forward to the fun that we will have once the babies sleep through the night…. what a special bond they will share.

  12. steph

    The Matt video made me cry too (wasn’t that great?)… I hate to tell you this, but I think that pregnant crying thing is permanent. I never used to do that before I had a kid… but now, you never can tell. And it’s usually not the sad stuff so much as the painfully beautiful stuff. I could say a lot more about it, but it would probably make you cry (and me too!). Thanks for sharing.

  13. Shelly

    I was pregnant when the lovely father/daughter song Butterfly Kisses was popular. Cried my eyes out EVERY morning on the way to work since they played it constantly (and I was convinced I was having a boy!). Nothing like starting your day 25 lbs heavier than normal and red-eyed. On the plus side, you’ll never take any special moment for granted again in your life.

  14. Rae

    Wow. I loved Matt’s video, thanks for that. It is one of the true joys of pregnancy, the frequency of crying. I mean the good crying, not the freak out feeling like you are dying of sadness crying. The crying at commercials and during songs, like you described. Sometimes I try to make myself cry now, but it only works occasionally.

  15. andrew

    You know what’ll really make you cry?

    College tuition.

    My wife recently informed me that if we intended on sending our soon-to-be born son to our alma mater, it will cost us a mere $430,000. Sorry, son. No higher education for you. Daddy needs a Lamborghini.

  16. Jessie

    I cried at the Jetta commercial, and I’m nowhere near pregnant. I did have an accident a while back that the commercial reminds me of, though, so that could be why.

  17. Kay

    Me too, honey. Eighteen weeks, and for me it was catching the last 15 minutes of ET on tv the other day. Fell apart sobbing. My husband was fairly alarmed.

  18. 6degrees

    I don’t think anything will top when you see Bryan cry when he first sees his beautiful boy/ girl, solidifying that he is a Daddy…

  19. elsimom

    Ah pregnant tears.
    Uncontrollable sobbing after my husband stopped clicking on a nature show, and the old lion, he got in a fight with the young lion, and it was a fight for supremacy in the pride, and they showed the POOR old lion limping off into the grass to DIE ALONE . . . . and my husband, bless his heart says, “they didn’t say he DIED. Maybe he was just hurt badly, and he needed to be alone to recover . . .or gather his strength.” and I sob “they said MORTALLY wounded” and he says “Well, I choose to believe he did NOT die.” and he changed the channel.
    We laugh about it now, but you never know what will get you. That poor, poor lion.

    The weirdest thing is knowing that you are going to cry, and knowing that it is completely hormonal, and being unable to do anything other than cry – it’s like a physical reaction.

    Good luck – I’m sure you look adorable, even if your mascara runs down your face.

  20. dithers

    a) an intelligent person would just assume you were farther along.
    b) even if you told them how far along you are, they probably don’t know the difference between a 4 monther and 5 monther, so shut up anyway.
    c) a sensitive person would not feel it necessary to comment on your size at all.
    d) my experience as someone who gained normal weight with a normal pregnancy is that 90% of the population says completely inappropriate things to pregnant women.
    e) but they do hold doors and give you seats, so that redeems the idiots a bit.

    Try renting comedies for the next few months, sweetie. But the reaction to the car crash commercials is going to stay like that, even after giving birth. You’re already becoming a mom, that’s all.

  21. Ashley

    By the end of my pregnancy I had strangers staring, mouth agape, at my mammoth expanse! I had a 9 lb baby girl in April, when I also delivered massive amounts of amniotic fluid (I had a C-Section and my husband said that when the entered the uterus it looked like a tidal wave- I just realized that sentence sounds really gross)

    Good luck with your pregnancy- it is truly the best thing in the world to look into my daughter’s big blue eyes- you just don’t know until you have him/her in your arms- bliss.

  22. Bethiclaus

    Volkswagen is totally dead to me because of those damn commercials! Why don’t they come with a warning? And why can’t I ever remember that it’s coming?

  23. Elizabeth

    I am expecting in December, and in JUNE (I was still in regular clothes, although hanging over the pants a bit) a stranger walked by my house, and said “I hope you don’t mind- but are you pregnant?”

    Are you kidding? I thought I was barely showing- and I’ll tell you I am not heavy. What if I wasn’t pregnant?

    Anyway- good luck with the pregnancy. . .I am truckin along with you.

  24. kb

    Some former co-workers of mine created this gestation video of her pregnancy. It’s almost as cool as the where’s Matt video and coincidentally they live in Seattle too.

  25. Bibikonn

    I cried at seeing terrorists’ victims relatives crying on tv :( and anything sad. It’s the thing about pregnancy – hormones take you over. In the last weeks you will notice urge of making yourself a “nest”, which means you will start improving your home.

  26. Chrissie

    I started showing at 8 weeks… People asked me if I was due soon starting at about 20 weeks… Not funny! I gave birth to a beautiful 8lb, 2oz boy — 2 weeks early… Every pregnancy/baby/woman is different… To hell with anyone who dares to make a pregnant woman self-conscious about her size!

  27. Sandi

    I recently found out that I’m pregnant too and I’m wondering what website you signed up on to get email updates.

  28. J.A. Johnson

    When I was three months pregnant with my son, (he’s eight years old now) I’d only gained 4 pounds, a client of mine said to me ‘I just can’t believe how much your hips have spread! But don’t worry, I told my Mom all about how huge you are already & her advice was to gain a maximum of 15 pounds, that way you’ll have a really small baby & a much easier delivery’. People are ignorant. Ignorant and mean. Ignorant, mean & give rotten advice when they should be biting on their forked tongues. I ended up gaining 55 pounds and had people say to me from six months on ‘Geez, how soon are you having that thing?’ Uh, I have nearly FOUR months to go people!

    My very healthy nine days overdue baby boy weighed in at 9 lb 13 oz.

    And, I love that Matt video. I don’t forward many emails that come my way, but that one got passed along straight away. It’s lovely and it made me cry again watching it tonight.

  29. crazedparent

    i don’t even need to hear the words to the lee ann womack song…just the intro and i have to change the station or i know i will absolutely be sobbing within 30 seconds. aye. the other song made me a mess when i was pregnant was “landslide” by stevie nicks.

  30. Phoeby

    When I was pregnant, I cried on Groundhog’s day. Not because of the prediction, but just the emotional pomp and circumstance of the whole ceremony.

  31. Franny

    I think I’m love with Phoeby.
    I’m at 12 weeks and already stunned at the vaguely creepy things people feel free to say to me. I guess I didn’t realize how much I value my dignity and privacy until a complete stranger, some jackass at the gym, made a bet with his trainer about whether it was a boy or a girl based on the size/shape of my ass. And then asked to touch it to ascertain the firmness. Of my ass. Touch. my ass. A stranger. Touch my pregnant, zitty ass.

    No thanks.

  32. Josephine

    Hmm, maybe it’s because I’m not pregnant, but I’m really failing to see why the Matt video would make one cry. It’s some guy who got paid by a gum manufacturer to travel around and dance.

    OK, maybe if I dwell long enough about the fact that I’ll never be rich enough (or well-liked by chewing gum companies) to travel the world… yeah, I guess that could induce some sorrow. But not quite crying.

    Seriously, hormones or no: why would this video make one weep? (The VW ads, those I get.) I’m not trying to be hostile or trollish; I’m genuinely curious.

  33. Kay

    What is up with that Matt video?!? As I was watching it I was all, “Oh dear, please don’t let this Matt guy be dead or something…” then when I realized he wasn’t, he was just VERY much alive, I too started getting tear-y.

    I’m in my 34th week and overall it’s been great, but there are things I could deal without. I keep meaning to update my blog to share my findings and “adventures” and yet, I’m just not that motivated.

    I used to cry at card tricks and pregnancy is no exception. Do Not Believe Anything You Read about the moodswings subsiding after the first trimester. My husband came in to the living room to find me weeping BECAUSE I was so emotional.

    As for the VW commercial, I have to grab the remote while saying LA-LA-LA-LA-LA very loudly with my back turned to the tv so I can change it before the impact.

    And don’t get me started on the World Trade Center trailer that I LOST IT in front of my 13-year old sis-in-law and now I can’t see a movie without sitting on the aisle so I can bolt out of there if it comes on, which it hasn’t so I end up just sitting there with my heart beating madly in “get ready” mode.

    But overall, it’s a great feeling. I turned 40 on 8/9 (and my doc called on said “glorious” day to tell me about an abnormal sonogram then a week later we found out it wasn’t so abnormal afterall) and this is our first so it’s been quite the ride.

    And one day, I’ll write about it Just For You.

  34. sarah

    I gotta tell you, the crying only gets worse once the baby comes. not necessarily in a bad way, but just in a generally more sensitive and emotional way. I was at the market by myself the other day, and a little boy, probably 2, had a balloon animal. He dropped it on the asphalt and it broke. He stood there, dumbfounded, for a second, and then started sobbing. His mom picked him up, and he was just so sad. And I was crying. It was pathetic. I don’t even know the kid, at all.

  35. Blythe

    I’m at 19 weeks and agree that strangers, friends, and family say the darnedest things. “Are you excited, or was it an accident?”

    And, Josephine, Matt’s dancing is joyful and the music is moving and isn’t it great that he’s unself-consciously jigging in all of those interesting places and even the gum company seems excited about it. Or maybe that’s just the hormones talking.

  36. Kristen

    This made me laugh at the doctor’s office today when I realized that the EXACT SAME THING was happening to me (what with our babies being conceived on the very same day as we determined at Blogher). The midwife, while routing around for the baby’s heartbeat, said “and you should begin showing in the next month or so.”

    I’m trying to decide if having a blind midwife is a good thing. Is it?

  37. tracy

    i agree with you on the matt video, I’m far from pregnant, but there’s just something that makes me cry too, as it’s so heart tugging.

  38. poobou

    I’m 16 weeks pregnant, and The Weepy has just started this week. I generally don’t cry very often, so it’s pretty weird.

    And, I got my first “you sure there’s only one in there?” comment from the grocery store checkout lady. I couldn’t decide whether I should burst into tears or punch her in the neck.

  39. nacho

    Beware of the TV!!

    Between the 5 year anniversary of 9/11, the year anniversary of Katrina and the raging pregnancy hormones of my own I am determined to not watch anything but Tivo for the next 2 weeks!

  40. CrankMama

    Hey Sis,
    You have my full sympathy… When I was pregnant with twins and was asked when I was due (at 5 months) that was sad. When I was pregnant with solobebe and I was asked when I was due (at 6 months) that was horrid!

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