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  1. Joe

    Nice article Maggie. My wife and I were in San Francisco this past January and we often wonder why we live on the east coast. I’m at a conference in San Jose at this moment and find myself wondering that same thing again. Anyone at Flickr want to hire me? :)

  2. T

    Hey I live in SF and enjoyed the article. Movies in the Park would be a great thing to add on what to do in Dolores Park and I really wish they’d expand it.

    No mention of the nude bathers on Baker Beach. Le sigh.

  3. Ryan G.

    Great article! I love going to parks each time I visit San Fran. My friends live by the Botanical Gardens, so that’s where I usually spend my time. That place has the bravest squirrels I’ve ever encountered. Place a peanut on your outstretched hand and they’ll charge right up your pant leg and out onto your arm to get it. It’s kind of scary.
    We also enjoy playing croquet on the grass near the Conservatory of Flowers. It’s an easy place for meeting up.
    I’ll be using your guide next time I visit!

  4. Lori

    Wonderful article! My boyfriend and I are visiting the Bay Area at the end of the month…rumor has it that he’s going to propose! He is from San Jose, so he may already have the perfect spot picked out, but I emailed your article to him just in case.

  5. Doublejack

    “Most of the remains in the city’s graveyards were exhumed and moved to nearby Colma, where the dead now outnumber the living.”

    “Most”?! Yipe!

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