The Gentleman Makes a Point

2nd August 2006

Me: Yikes. Did you know that they discovered that some monkeys speak in sentences?
Bryan: Really?
M: Yes. And dolphins use names.
B: Wow.
M: I’m thinking again that we probably shouldn’t be eating animals, though they are delicious.
B: Why not?
M: Because we don’t have to. We have other means of survival. And they have personalities. And they mourn. And they can talk in sentences.
B: Yeah, but they eat each other.
M: Yeah, but we’re smarter than them.
B: Doesn’t sound like it.

34 thoughts on “The Gentleman Makes a Point

  1. Andrea

    I just came across your site tonight from a link on Dooce.

    Congrats on your pregnancy.

    Think about starting a separate blog for your baby ASAP. I wish I had started my baby’s blog much earlier than I did, but waited til she was almost 9 months old. And of course it is one of the 23 million things I feel guilty for as a mom. Trust me. Start it now.

  2. Shiz

    Prairie dogs have advanced language as well; I remember reading about a study that concluded this was so. The set of prairie dogs in teh study apparently had a word/phrase for “the man in the yellow hat”, which totally made me think, “Really? Did he bring Curious George along, too?”

  3. Sophie

    Do you know apparently some fish perform good deeds in order to improve their reputation?
    Makes all those vegetarians who still eat fish seem a little silly.

  4. Jessica

    Animals eat other animals. But animals do a lot of things we don’t do. Might as well eat our young, right? Fight to the death? Anyone?

  5. Mocha

    If you really want to stop eating them, just read “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair.

    On second thought, don’t. It will gross you out too much.

    I was a vegetarian for three years after reading that book. One day I drove by a Burger King and smelled the grilling… it was ALL. OVER.

  6. Nate

    This totally ruins the plans I had for this weekend to make my that Lemur Pasta Salad recipe I found in Martha Stewart’s “Living” for our book club meeting.

  7. Cynthia

    About vegetarianism- compassion is never a bad thing. Dont let your taste buds get in the way of logic!

    The jungle is a bit outdated now, but the story just gets worse. Try
    “Fast Food Nation”. Its really well written (after the first boring chapter or two) and it brings a fascinating human rights aspect to avoiding meat.

    And i really like your blog, congrats on the kiddy.

  8. r@d@r

    i wish i could remember what famous humorist was purported to have said: “if god didn’t intend for us to eat other animals, why did he go and make them out of tasty meat?”

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