25th July 2006

We’ve lived in this apartment for four years. The walls are thin and we can often hear our upstairs neighbor. I’ve often noticed a sound that I took to be the vibration of her cell phone.

Today I realized that I was mistaken. From our apartment, you can hear foghorns of the ships looking for port.

2,388 thoughts on “Observant

  1. Amber

    I used to love listening to the foghorns. Now I love listening to the people rummaging through our recycling. Judging by their comments, our recycling is completely inadequate.

  2. Lauren

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one whose mind went wayward while reading the beginning of this entry …

  3. Nate

    I’m with mramunds, even if it means I’m living in Naughtyville. Admittedly this is a foggy season in the Bay Area, but I’m thinking her neighbor’s ship came in in an entirely different way.

  4. jes

    Oh, gawd. If only you had a balcony overlooking the bay where you could also WATCH the ships maneuver the port.

  5. sarah

    well, that would be some gigantic magic wand/pearl/rabbit whatever if the vibration traveled that far. your neighbor would probably be wounded.

  6. brad

    these comments remind me of the game where people take turns saying “penis” louder and louder until someone just shouts it.

  7. leslie

    I know it’s sort of repetitive at this point, but I’m just going to add and say I’m glad my immediate assumptions after the word “vibrate” weren’t caused by Teenage Gutter Mind Syndrome.

  8. Cali

    Heh! I had to check the comments to see if “foghorns of the ships looking for port” was a euphemism.

    Good to see I’m not as out of the loop as I thought.

  9. sardogwill

    For all you landlubbers out there, foghorns are generally put on bouys and lighthouses so people won’t run into them in the fog.

    However, we (USCG) once had to mount a massive Marco Polo rescue effort because some guy got himself lost in the fog with his secretary’s daughter. Put out a call to all the fishermen in the area and we each took turns blowing our horns until the guy heard one. Secretary’s daughter was pissed because she was royally seasick and apparently didn’t get any action. So maybe it is a good euphemism, after all…

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