14,579 thoughts on “Bay-Area Menu Translation

  1. jenn long steele

    I have ALWAYS JUST LURKED here.

    But I had to tell you that I audibly groaned at that last line. And now I’m sending the link to hubby.

    Awful! Awful, I tell you!

    And yet awesome. Thank you for making my Friday.

  2. john

    You know how your eyes can play tricks on you?
    When I scanned the feed section of my pages, I thought, just for a second, that this was BAY-AREA MENSTRUATION.
    Thank God I was wrong!

  3. donna

    You are not going to beleive this- but just for that nanosecond my eyes played the SAME trick on me. And that was before I read John’s comment! [Oh- and I love your site, Maggie.]

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