I’m kidding! About the brie.

20th June 2006

Bird Sticker

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A few firsts I experienced in Amsterdam:

Small bird stickers on the huge train station windows keep birds from smacking into them.
Raw sausages
Lights go from red to yellow to green.
Bitterballen, a bar snack that tastes like deep-fried gravy with bits of meat.
Soap dispensers that sprayed soap in a fine mist.
Soft and salty licorice.
Brie with a big hole in the middle of the wheel, making for easy slicing.
Sex with a prostitute. (Okay, three prostitutes.)

361 thoughts on “I’m kidding! About the brie.

  1. shea

    Was that your husband on the evening news tonight talking about emails? Did he get to meet that news hotty Brian Williams?
    Is it weird to think that Brian Williams is hot?
    Was the sex with three prostitutes at one time or three different times? Was the raw sausage involved?

  2. Tim

    They do the same thing with the lights in London. It’s like watching a drag race every time the lights change.

  3. BigA

    Now I don’t know about you but when my wife first introduced me to Dutch licorice I thought it was some sort of cruel Dutch joke. She asked me what I thought and I explained that there are some things just not meant to go into the human mouth – this was now at the top of the list. Being married to a Dutchie is a non stop adventure.

  4. amy christine

    yes amsterdam pretty much rules, no? I do not remember the bird stickers, tho I do remember being very stoned and trying not to get hit by the many moving things. And bikes, ah the bikes.

  5. Biggappleman

    I’ve always thought you were hot but now you’ve really piqued my prurient interest.

  6. 6degrees

    Sounds like a blast… but probably not as much fun asI will have wreaking havoc on the spamming bastards that just left the aforementioned comment… Mhwah ah ah ah…

    Welcome back!!!

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