10th May 2006

Every morning, the hotel brings us complimentary breakfast, which Bryan calls the “bucket of toast.” Breakfast elsewhere in the city is equally toast-centric, or made up of confusing components. We ordered breakfast at a tourist place, and they brought us toast, fruit salad, and two slices of cheesecake. The dinner menus, on the other hand, are rife with omelet options. So it’s not that Argentines have no use for breakfast; apparently they just prefer to have it the night before.

A few days into our trip, we discover the wonder of empanadas. I warn Bryan that they’re hot inside, but he forgets in the five seconds it takes to lift the empanada to his mouth. His face contorts.

Me: Oooo. Is the roof of your mouth still attached?
Him: (swallows) No, but it’s delicious cooked.

1,304 thoughts on “Delicacies

  1. Mr. Walters

    I had a similar experience with something called a “Chuck Wagon” in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. Biting into a breaded, deep-fried hamburger patty and being welcomed by a mouth-full of scalding-hot grease taught me a valuable lesson… Never order something to eat by the name alone.

  2. Jack's Raging Mommy

    You should so go to Ireland, if for no other reason than that the Irish Breakfast is a wonderful thing. I chose to believe the entire nation has it every morning, right before their pints you know.

  3. Kim

    Empanadas are yummy. I used to get some at a panaderia in the Mission, but it’s not there anymore. Try pasties, the British equivalent.

  4. Anna

    Can i just say how impressed i am with the concept of cheesecake for breakfast. And i thought the French had reached the peak with pain chocolats!

  5. Blythe

    They’re moving in the right direction – breakfast for every meal!

    (by the way, I think there’s a typo in your template’s ReadyMade magazine blog link; perhaps an extra “o” in there?)

  6. jes

    Reasons Why I Am Delighted By You:

    1. I love the new design. And I know it went up a month ago, but still, it’s new. And I love it.

    2. You are in Argentina. And I think that is exciting. But, please, no reenactions of Evita.

    3. Your comments! On!

  7. MomVee

    I believe Laurie Colwin once observed that the French thought eggs were too good to waste on people who haven’t been awake for very long. Perhaps the Argentines feel similarly.

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