29th December 2004

Electric Chair Goggles

“I was told that these are a pair of restraint goggles for the unlucky inmate that was strapped into the electric chair – they are very old and made out of leather and metal – they were affixed to the person after he was locked into Ol Sparky – just before the switch is thrown the spring loaded flip lens is closed so that he sees nothing.”

Big Bag of Hair

“This item consists of a tall kitchen bag full of human hair! The hair was collected over the course of a few weeks at Famous Barber John’s of El Dorado Hills California. There is no telling just how many people contributed to this bag.”

Human Remains Body Bag

“Use for whatever you like.”

Paper Baby

“This is a Similac die cut card Baby model dated 1958.”

Elvis Water Cup Used Onstage

“I’m sure that many of you have read or heard about my recent Elvis water from his onstage cup auction which was a sealed GLASS bottle with water from Elvis’ cup that he drank from while onstage in Charlotte,NC 2/21/1977..

3-4 tablespoons sold for $ 455.00 on Christmas Day…

During the past week…there has been nationwide interest in the water….but even more interest was shown in the cup…”

Jane Masfield Hot Water Bottle

“She has, as to be expected, some wear on her high spots…”

KKK Robe

“A nice collectible of the KKK”

(I shit you not. It says “nice.”)

Brothel Locating Compass

“Founded in 1844, the Chicken Ranch operated in peaceful coexistence with the law and the small town of La Grange, Texas throughout its entire 129-year history. In fact at the time of it’s closing, it was the oldest continually operating brothel in the nation. The real-life brothel got the name The Chicken Ranch during the depression because, when the men couldn’t afford the $3 cost of a visit to the house, the girls began accepting poultry as payment for their services.

The Chicken Ranch continued operating successfully until mid-1973, when consumer-affairs reporter Marvin Zindler from KTRK-TV in Houston ran a week long expos� on the ranch and what really went on behind closed doors.

The doors were finally shut forever on August 1, 1973 however because of its former reputation customers showed up for more than two years still looking for the place.”