14th December 2004

There were hundreds of us. We were inebriated, dressed like Santas, and getting ready for a game of dodgeball on the green. Then the church bells started to ring.

All of us looked up. A new bride and her groom were making their way across the park. En masse, we stumbled toward her and her $3,000 gown.

“HO! HO! HO!,” we chanted menacingly. “HO!HO!HO!”

At least a year of planning, seven bridesmaids with seven updos, perfect lipstick, perfect nails, and hundreds of willful Santas. The photographer was giddy. The bride bared her teeth in a rough approximation of a smile; fear radiated from her eyes. We were not part of the plan.

She eventually realized we were harmless. You’ll find a photo of the happy couple amongst this batch. (She’s the one in white.) I also posted some photos to my flickr photostream.