Overheard: Barflies and Honey

23rd September 2004

Scenario: Gina has locked herself in the bathroom at the Stone Crow on West 4th.

Girlfriend: Gina! Get out here!…GINA!… I am seriously going to kick your ass if you don’t open this door… You’re freaking me out…GEEEEENNNNAAA!

Female Bar Owner: How long has she been in there?

Girlfriend: About twenty minutes?

FBO: She had too much to drink?

Girlfriend: Oh yeah.

FBO: Gina, honey. You’ve gotta unlock the door.

Girlfriend: GINA! Let. Us. In.

FBO: If you don’t unlock the door, I’m gonna have to call the police, and then they’ll have to break the door in…


(The male bartender notices what’s up and comes over to the door.)

Bartender: Her name is Gina?

Girlfriend: Yeah.

Bartender: (Adopts an incredibly soothing tone.) Gina, honey, I know you don’t feel good. If you can just reach up and unlock the door, I can come in and take care of you… Just reach up and unlock the door, and I’ll take care of everything…

Gina: Click!

Bartender: There you go.