Cultural Enrichment

12th April 2004

Do you ever watch “Newlyweds?” I’m ashamed of how much I love it.

Yeah. I can’t look away.

She’s so greeeaat.

Yeah, have you seen her latest video?


It’s all about her being a super-cutesy inept housewife. You can tell it’s not an act because at one point she tries to be all sexy by removing her rubber cleaning gloves with her teeth. I just about hurked. That’s a girl who has never scrubbed a toilet in her life.

Ha! Yeah. I love Nick. Like how he can’t believe the things she’s saying sometimes, but he wants to help, you know?

I don’t like him. I think he’s kind of mean to her, especially because she tries so hard. She’s like, “I married my dad.” He’s scratching his head, like, “I want to sleep with her, but I also want to tell her what to do.”


Cannot look away.