Overheard: Worries on the Fillmore 22

Scenario: An older man in a fedora has a brief conversation with a tipsy woman who boards and sits next to him.

Him: How you doin’ tonight?

Her: Not so good.

-What’s wrong baby?

-You know, you know, everything just out of control.

-What you mean?

-You hear about these boys? These boys gettin’ killed every day. Twenty of ’em.

-What you talkin’ about?

-These boys on the bus, all of them killed.

-This happen today?

-No! No, long time ago.

-Well, ain’t nothin’ you can do ’bout that.

-I cain’t hardly figure myself out over it.

-You can’t let that get you down, baby. You got to move on.

-I know, but I got so many worries.

-You got to pick your worries.

-Yeah. How you gonna choose, they all over the place like that?

-Listen, why don’t we go get ourselves a beer or somethin’?

-Baby, will you come home with me tonight and keep my company?

-We can talk about that.

-Yeah? Help me out, baby.

-Well, we can talk about it.


-That sounds very interesting to me, you know?

-Help me out, baby.

-Long as it ain’t gonna be no problem.

-No. No problem.

-That sounds very interesting to me.