28th October 2003

Nate P., who is the kind of person you miss:

“When I was home in the Bay Area a couple of weeks ago for the wedding, I had dinner with a friend, and he asked me why it is I write this blog. “What’s the attraction?” he wanted to know. I can’t explain all of it, but I was able to finally stumble into the idea that blogging is in part a form of prayer…

Is it a bit scary to pray here, where others can read what’s going on? Yeah, but here’s the thing. I believe that God is found in each of us (panentheism), that each face is the face of God, and in my particular religion, the face of Christ. Bits of the God-spark live in each of us. By sometimes praying while writing and letting other people read it, I’m not praying to any of you out there. But we all may be the agents of change for each other, working out our lives with and for one another, helping to create the kingdom of God here on earth, in our lives.”