10th September 2003

Scenario: Two junior high-age girls chat over coffee. Their thoughts turn to love.

Don’t go out with him just because you want a boyfriend.


He’s shallow.

Shallow is a whole other thing.


If you tell anyone…

I’m not gonna tell anyone.

OK, I swear, if you tell them.

I’m not gonna tell. You have a ton of dirt on me.

True. Anyway, it’s not hugely liking, but … I like him.

That’s awesome.

Yeah, but I’m not gonna tell everyone.

You should tell him.

You’re not gonna tell them.

Everyone knows.

Yeah, but you’re not gonna tell them.

There’s nothing to say. Everyone already knows.

You’re not gonna say that. I’m going to tell him myself.

No you won’t, you won’t do anything about it.

Yes I will. And if you tell, I’ll tell your stuff.

No you won’t.

Yes, I will.

Please. I haven’t done that much.

Well, I’ll dig up more dirt on you, or I’ll lie and say you did something really bad.


Seriously. Dooooooon’t tell.

Then you have to tell.

I wiiiilllll. Don’t tell.

Then you have to tell.


Then you do it.

Just don’t.

Okaaaay? Doooooooooon’t!!!

Seriously. Don’t.