17th July 2003

I’ve been craving art lately, our walls are big and bare. I went window shopping/daydreaming online, and found a few pieces by local artists whose work I’d like to see more regularly. Every morning when I make myself a cup of tea, for example.

Nate VanDyke’sBeth“.

Tiffany Larsen was the art director of my college newspaper. She’s in Seattle now, but she’s still a Bay Area artist to me. I adore “Anchor.”

Catherine Ryan’s “Grandparents on the Couch“.

(You’ll have to scroll partway down the page to see some of these.) Diane Feissel’s self-portrait funny faces, which would look fantastic hung triptych style. Her angel (again with the scrolling, last one on the page), her girl in the window, and pair of feet (eighth and thirteenth ones down, respectively).

Kirstie Tweed’s photos are amazing, most especially “Diner Waitress,” which you can find by going to her site and clicking on Orange Girl. It’s in the top row, second over from the left. Many thanks to Andrea Scher for the tip. Speaking of which:

I love Andrea’s #1 and #10 paintings, which you can find by going to Superhero Designs and clicking on Paintings, Enter, hitting the blue button, then clicking View Work. (Whew!)

Camille Porter’s line drawings are so much fun. I especially like the last two in the top row, the girlfriends and the yearning girl. (Click on Line Drawings, then click to enlarge.)