16th July 2003

Laura and I pass City Lights bookstore, which is hosting an apparently popular event.

Me: Who’s reading?

Laura: I think it’s Sam Shepard.

Me: What do you think, should I press my face to the window and do the blowfish thing?

Laura: Totally.

Me: Like, “Shep! What’s up Sheppppp!”

Laura: “Sammehh!” (Mimes banging on the window.)

Me: We should.

Laura: We totally should.

(We keep walking.)

Hours later we stop into Tosca for a couple of chocolate brandies. Sam Shepard is sitting in the booth next to ours. An hour or so later, he sits down at the bar facing us. Laura and I chat for a while longer, and then get up to leave. As we pass the bar, Mr. Shepard takes note.

Laura: Dude, Sam Shepard just checked us out.

Me: Yes, he did. Sam Shepard just gave us the up and down.

Laura: Ha!

Me: Awesome.

Laura: Damn.

Me: We should have bought him a drink.

Laura: I know! Why didn’t we?

Me: I don’t know. It would have been weird.

Laura: True. Damn.