Overheard: a Solid Relationship

21st February 2003

Scenario: Young woman in her twenties is talking on her cell phone at the back of the bus. She is well dressed; she is alone.

Just call up, double your hours

You aint even got to fill something out, they should have you on file

Just go in and talk to Jorge

Yeah, do it. It’s easy

It’s easy

I gotta go to work, then I gotta go the DMV

I can’t

‘Cause I didn’t go in yesterday. I wasted yesterday with your sorry ass

I got an appointment at 2:50. Ain’t no telling what time I get outta there


‘Cause you ain’ gonna go

You ain’t

I know you say you will, but you ain’t

You just running down my battery

Cause I know you ain’ gonna go, so you wastin your breath

You need someone to hold your hand.

You like a little boy

Why you always asking me who I’m with? Why I gotta be with somebody?

No, I’m not

No. I’m not

OK, whatever



OK, if you feel the need to talk to me, then you can call

Bye, bitch.