While I Was Away

3rd January 2003

I contributed to the Santa Claus piece for The Morning News.

The Fray posted my “Chagrin and Men I Have Loved” piece. It’s the same one you may have already seen on The Morning News, albeit with a new introduction and a few photos of me as a kid. The first one you’ll see is a photo of me and my sister jumping from sand dunes. I’m the one standing on the dune, she’s the one leaping to her doom. If you click on my name, just below the story title, you’ll find my favorite childhood photo. I was three, and I was pissed. If you scroll down, you can see me and my junior prom date Rahul. He’s going to be an usher at our wedding. We offered him flower girl, but my niece threatened to beat him up, and he chickened out.