I Can Only Hope Not

28th June 2002

Email subject header:

Maggie, do we have a synergy?


Two old men stand on the streetcar island waiting to board. One is wearing a straw fedora, the other a newsie cap.

Man 1: I ain’t got not money. You got money?

Man 2: (Shrugs.) Guess we got to walk then.

Both: Hahahahahahaha.

(Short quiet conversation with bus driver ensues. The men climb aboard.)

M1: Hey, who’s that girl I saw you with?

M2: Who dat?

M1: The girl in the park.

M2: Oh.

M1: That Romie?

M2: Yeah.

M1: So Wapbopadeebot?

M2: HA! Yeah, man. Wapbopadeebot. It’s birthday time.

Both: Hahahahahaha

M1: You know Tony Bennet sang that song, I Left My Heart in San Francisco?

M2: What about it?

M1: Well you left your heart in…

Both: hahahhahaha

M2: Man, I ain’t got no heart. Jus somethin poppin in my chest.

Both: hahahaha

M2: Streetcar Named Desire more like it.

(They sigh together.)

M2: Man, I don’t even care. I’m on vacation. I got me a week off.

M1: Where you goin?

M2: To sleep.

M1: Sleep is right. You doin a lot of sleepin.

M2: Yesiree Bob.