12th February 2002

Scenario: Two girls working at a bead store on the Haight.

Girl 1: The weirdest thing happed to me a few days ago. There’s this bum, right?

Girl 2: Yeah.

Girl 1: And we start talking, and he says, Do you mind if I ask you something? and I’m all, Sure. So he’s like, Are you on your period?

Girl 2: GROSS!

Girl 1: I know! I’m like, None of your business, pervo.

Girl 2: Seriously.

Girl 1: Yeah But the weird thing was, I was.

Girl 2: On your period?

Girl 1: Yeah.

Girl 2 :Sick!

Girl 1:Isn’t that sick?

Girl 2: Well, how did he know?

Girl 1: I don’t know.

Girl 2: Weird. I wonder how he knew.

Girl 1: Yeah.

2:54 p.m.