11th April 2001


Subject: New Economy moment on Muni.

Characters: Young, hostile woman having a loud public conversation on her cell phone.

You didn’t send them yet?! Send it. Send it now… Yes! Now… OK, what else? I’m about to go into the tunnel… What do you mean?… No, we haven’t moved yet… On the 14th, why?… Would you spit it out? What do you want?… Yeah. What do you want?… WHAT? Are you joking?… No way. I’m not paying for that, why would you think that?… I never, ever said that… No, I didn’t… I never, never, never said I would pay for it, you’re insane!… I don’t even know where you’re getting that… Oh my God. No I didn’t. That’s $1,000, you think I just have that kind of money laying around?… WHAT? I did not say “Go to Africa, it’s on me.” That’s a joke… Why would I say that? I don’t have $1,000 laying around… Yes, I said that, and I sent you $100 for it last month. Yes… You know what your problem is? You think I’m made of money… Yes, you do. I’m beginning to see why you get so upset when I don’t just send you checks on a whim… I’m not made of money, I work for it, and I have a lot of stuff to pay for… OK, look, I didn’t say that, but if you thought I was going to pay for the trip, and you honestly believed that, I’ll try to help out… Yeah… If I have any cash this month, I’ll send it to you. OK, Dad?”

11:08 a.m.