6th March 2001

One of the tastier things I’ve seen on BART: a fake nail someone peeled off and dropped to the floor. It was a pale, opalescent pink and there were bits of real nail clinging to it. There’s a poem in that somewhere.

12:49 p.m.

Supreme Court allows KKK to adopt a highway “The Klan requested a half-mile stretch of Interstate 55, one of the routes used to bus black students to county schools as part of court-ordered desegregation efforts in the St. Louis area.”

What is this? Like people are going to drive by and say, “How nice, honey. The KKK is helping keep the highway clean! Look how upstanding they are in those crisp, white sheets.” If they’re launching a PR campaign, it’s going to take a hell of a lot more than a highway sign to change my ideas about the Klan. I can just see the brochure, “Forget about the lynchings, now we do bake sales! Burning crosses? That’s so 1952! Now we’re into BBQs by the lake and squash tourneys for charity!”

10:31 a.m.