18th February 2001

While I’m gone, you should read Bloody Hell. His posts are good, but it’s the little things that keep me coming back. Like the way he says “bangarang” when he thinks something is cool, or the time he said ” but soft!” instead of “there’s more.” I’m a sucker for cute verbal tics.

“Today marks the first day when my grandma
begins fertilizing greener pastures. People keep
saying, “my sympathy is with you”. I
understand the niceties are a subset of living in
some semblance of a civilized society, however,
it isn’t really warranted.

I’m not sorry she gupped the giffer. In fact, I’m
not really sorry many people do. I’ve expected
this. I expect I will die as well. It would definitely
be a surprise if I didn’t.”

“Expectations vs. reality.

Make it fast,

Make it good,

Make it cheap.

Pick two.


“Noody noody noo is all I have to say today.”

“Who is Dana Gould? Some guy who said this:

‘We all enter this world in the same
way: naked, screaming, soaked in
blood. But if you live your life right,
that kind of thing doesn’t have to