Ha! This is undoubtedly my favorite photo taken of me in my Halloween costume. You’ve gotta try pretty hard to look creepy in a girl scout uniform.

4:56 p.m.

I always have a pen in my mouth. This one tastes like detergent. Apparently, someone decided to clean my office supplies while I was at lunch.

3:19 p.m.

This guy lives in the suburbs, and every Christmas he puts up wood cutouts of reindeer having sex. The neighbors aren’t amused, but I am.

12:23 p.m.

A friend sent me an email forward about the election that I actually found interesting:

A Zimbabwe politician was quoted as saying that children should study
the US election event closely because it shows that election fraud is
not only a third world phenomena. To illustrate the point, he made the
following comments.

10 a.m.