Mighty Life List
Sep 1 2010

Farewell, Champagne and Chocolate Wednesday

After nearly four months of weekly celebration, I’ve learned I enjoy champagne and chocolate more when I’m not enjoying them on a schedule. I’m more attuned now to marking celebratory events, and generally more thankful, so this will be the last regularly scheduled Champagne and Chocolate Wednesday. But! I’ll still let you know when I have something worth toasting, and I hope you’ll let me know too.

Here’s to cold bubbly in heat wave, knowing when to quit, Elephant’s Heart Plums, and body rolls.

What are you toasting today?

Jul 28 2010

Champagne and Chocolate Wednesday!

Here’s to ice cream cones and sundresses, freeing up space for new projects, and the smell of new shoes.

What are you toasting today?