Mighty Life List
Jul 1 2010

Three Things

I’m charmed by Paul Navarone’s animal cutouts. (via bb-blog)

Also, this Storm in a Royal Delft Teacup by John Lumbus, who specializes in mechanical toys and automata. (via Design for Mankind)

Jean of Notcot sent me this trailer for a Fruit Hunters, a film about the book that inspired my goal of tasting 1,000 fruits.

May 20 2010

Elsewhere: Mighty Junior

Art for Kids’ Spaces

The whole family has to look at it, so choose something lovely. These whimsical prints let you revisit childhood without sacrificing your hard-won good taste.

Oct 19 2009

Broad Summit Prints

One of the happiest parts of organizing the retreat was working with Eric Rewitzer of 3 Fish Studios. Eric and his wife Annie Galvin (who is also an artist) are friends I met through Evany years ago.


Eric made us these lovely limited edition linocut prints to commemorate the weekend, and took a few photos of the process for me.


California iconography is a running theme for 3 Fish Studios:



(Update: Oops. My original upload contained some similar work by Annie, these are Eric’s prints.)

When I told Eric we were staying in a redwood forest, he already had a few photos of redwoods he’d taken as inspiration. He even surprised us by hand coloring the prints.


They were so lovely, we decided to use them as favors instead of adding them to the gift bag. If you’d like to learn to make your own and you’re near the Bay Area, 3 Fish Studios offers linocut printmaking classes pretty regularly, so drop them a note and they’ll notify you when space opens up. Thanks again, Eric!

Apr 21 2009

We are Writing Graffiti on Our Bodies

Artist Ariana Page Russell has a condition called Dermatographia, which means she can temporarily, and painlessly, alter the surface of her skin by scratching it lightly. She illustrates herself, and then photographs the results.

(via Peculiar Beauty)