Feb 4 2014

Hello, Pretty: Valentine’s Day Lingerie Roundup

He made you dinner and a Valentine. You got him something too.

Commando Tights, $38

Hank Panky Red G-String, $18

Micro Mesh Bra Bodysuit, $36

Mira Slip, $165

Cage Black Body Suit, $165

Leather Court Show with Buckle, $29

Her Sexellency Overwire Dress, $250

V Bodysuit, $44

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Jan 27 2014

Red Carpet at the 2014 Grammys, Meh Edition

Did you watch the Grammys? Why did no one wear anything insane or do anything ill-advised? Rock stars are not what they used to be.

I posted some of the more intriguing outfits over on my Facebooks. Please join us if you’d like to discuss:

Taylor Swift and whether she’s running for office.
Katy Perry in her musical-themed pageant dress.
Colbie Caillat and whether she is the absolute best or attempting to hide a neck brace.
Ryan Lewis and Macklemore whose grandpa style continues to dominate.
Madonna and child.
Cyndi Lauper and how you kind of want that poncho dress.
Kacey Musgraves in her dress that looks like a Photoshop filter. And her illuminated boots that will be mine. Bring them to me.

Photo by Getty Images.

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Jan 13 2014

Girl, You Be Killin Em: Golden Globes, 2014

Last night, some ladies got dressed up and then looked real cute as a result. Let’s discuss:

Lupita N’yong
Lena Dunham
Taylor Swift
Amy Adams
Cate Blanchett’s Back

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Sep 12 2013

Jay Miranda Makes Me Happy

I can’t stop paging through Jay Miranda’s personal style blog.

Jay Miranda

She’s a new mom, and the photo below was one of her maternity outfits:

Mwah! Get it, sis.

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Aug 22 2013

Outside Lands Style 2013, Jaci, Hannah, and Kristina

I wrote ten short posts on Go Mighty to kick start my goal to See 1,000 live shows. Only 990 to go! This will be my last festival style post for Outside Lands. Thanks for the photos Mai!

I cannot resist elementary school teacher chic, or maybe it’s the grin. Either way, I’m pro any look that says, “I have a distinct personality, and I like to read.”

Also, curly hair with bangs! So it can be done.

Still love a jumpsuit, especially for a day when you want to feel pretty but need to sit on the ground a lot. When we saw Hannah walking away, I was bummed we didn’t get a photo of her from behind, she had a little racer T-back action going on. Cute.

Lots of people are afraid to wear red, but look how lovely it is. Red is classic and fun, and it makes you easy to spot in a crowd when your friends are searching for you. And another thing…

Attention, lady friends. If your boobs aren’t smacking you in the face when you run and are still upright enough that you don’t think twice about going braless? Please consider how elegant you look in plunging V necks. Carpe diem. Other women would like the opportunity to applaud at your good fortune as you pass.

All photos by Mai Le of Fashionist, with whom I had lunch by the river yesterday.

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Aug 20 2013

Outside Lands Style 2013, Tonya, Saj, and a quick shot

People always say, “I couldn’t pull that off” and they’re talking about a low-cut tank top. Do you see Tonya? Green cowboy boots. Green sunglasses. A satin jumpsuit. And, what the hell, a fur vest.

Look at her face. She’s like, “Hey.”

Now tell me again about what you can’t pull off.

Everything about Saj’s outfit is understated perfection, but particularly consider the subliminal message of the Fitbit and the watch. “I keep in shape. I engage with people outside a phone interface. I want to go on walks alone with you, during which we will have a real live conversation.”

It’s possible I’ve spent too much time in San Francisco.

Drunk people would not stop photo bombing, so we didn’t catch this girl’s name. Let’s call her Heidi. Super cute dress, Heidi. Well done.

All photos by Mai Le of Fashionist. Head over there for more festival fashion from Outside Lands.

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Aug 15 2013

Outside Lands Style 2013, Eline and Matt

Eline, I can see that you thought about what you wanted to wear and put that shit together. So how do you make it look so effortless? “Just my Golightly shades with an oversized rose sweater, maybe some shorts, grandma boots, and it’s cold so… blazer. No bigs.” Dang.

Also, three cheers for the girls who can wear camel. I keep trying, and people keep asking me if I feel sick. Maybe if I change lipstick? Again?

Heeeey, Matt. You’re playing it cool with those suspenders, but my mama says you’re trouble.

All photos by my show buddy, Mai Le of Fashionist

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