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Feb 27 2014

Google Doodles for Good

Today’s Google Doodle celebrating John Steinbeck is perfect.

I looked around for a way to buy these illustrations as prints through the Google Doodles Store on Zazzle and at the Google Store, and couldn’t find anything in either place.

I wonder why Google doesn’t sell these through a print-on-demand service and donate proceeds to a non-profit. It looks like they’re doing something similar with a Google Doodle scholarship program.

Does this already exist? And if not, what are the hurdles to getting that done?

8 Responses to “Google Doodles for Good”

  • maile Says:

    THESE ARE FANTASTIC. I had no idea, and now I want them all too.

  • Jackie Says:

    Maybe the artist retains the rights. I hope so.

  • Maggeh Says:

    That would for sure be a good reason, but I suspect they’re developed in house? In which case the artist likely wouldn’t retain rights, which seems like a fair trade for Google benefits. I wonder.

  • Amy Says:

    From my Googler husband:

    I think it takes a while for anything to show up in the Google Doodle store — there’s nothing newer than 2013 at the moment. But not all Doodles are available in the store. I’m just guessing, but that could be a combination both of having the rights and expected demand for a given design. It couldn’t hurt to mention desire for a poster of particular doodle at https://www.googlestore.com/shop.axd/Contact?

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  • Matt Says:

    Does anyone know the name of the artist? Would love to see more of their work

  • The Hopeless Wanderer Says:

    Love these!!!

  • Go Find Yourself Travel Says:

    I would totally buy these, Google really needs to look into that!