Mighty Life List
Jan 18 2010

Matchbox Valentines


Sweet Valentine idea from Inchmark, who made tiny candy boxes out of matchbooks last year. Hello, little Valentines. You are the cutest.

6 Responses to “Matchbox Valentines”

  • Renee Says:

    Those are precious

  • margosita Says:

    Oh, wow. It’s fitting that my first thought on seeing those was “Those are so cute I just want to eat them all up!”

  • Long Story Longer Says:

    Those could not be cuter. :>

  • Bachelor Girl Says:

    Oh, wow.

    I see a craft project in my future.

  • Bernice Says:

    Those are just too cute! I’ve been searching for a good and easy Valentine for my son’s class. Seems like my search is over.

  • Petit Elefant Says:

    Oh the cuteness is killing me. These would be adorable to hand out in my children’s classrooms for Valentine’s. Love.