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Aug 14 2009

Mighty Closet: Courtney Skott, Outfit 5

Designer Courtney Skott does a high kick.

Jumper! Haaa-yah!

Courtney saw this BCBG Max Azaria pantsuit at Crossroads long before rompers came back in style. She couldn’t immediately figure out how to put it on, which she felt was a good sign. After some time wrangling in the dressing room, she decided to bring it home and figure it out.

Designer Courtney Skott in her living room.

Smart move, because it’s become Courtney’s version of the little black dress. That little diamond of exposed tummy skin is spot on. Courtney is smart about finding sexy clothes that don’t make her look too willing, if you know what I mean. She now thinks the jumper was an early sample, because she saw one at Nordstrom recently. She appears to be correct, because here it is. Did you pay $380 for yours, Skott? Yeah, I didn’t think so. High five.


The leafy earrings are Eliza Page, an Austin-based jeweler owned by a friend of Courtney’s. Lots of great stuff there, by the way.


Metallic sandals are Kenneth Cole Reaction.

And so Courtney Skott’s Mighty Closet comes to a close. Does anyone else feel like they could use a cigarette?

33 Responses to “Mighty Closet: Courtney Skott, Outfit 5”

  • steph Says:

    I think this is my favorite Mighty Closet to date. Amazing.

  • Lynda Says:

    That was FREAKING good for me too! :D Loved it!

  • Stacey Ball Says:

    Wow, best closet I’ve seen. I’m left wanting to see more.

  • Sharon Says:

    Also, that apt. is amazing!

  • Jolie Says:

    The Mighty Closet series might actually inspire me to wear something other than jeans and a polar fleece– maybe.

    I love it.

  • dgm Says:

    Bravo, Courtney and Maggie! That jumpsuit is da bomb. Unfortunately for me, the sexy triangle would hit exactly where I had a mole removed a few years ago, so it would call attention to a nice L-shaped scar. (Don’t ask me why the scar is shaped like an L when the mole was round. Ours is not to question why.) Ah well.

  • Sarah Brown Says:

    Those may be the perfect shoes.

  • G Says:

    Great Skott!
    I love the gray paint on the walls. Would you be able to share painter company and particular shade? Gratzi!

  • nelking Says:

    Oh my f’in lord. I have never consider a jumpsuit since the rust colored corduroy one with cap sleeves I owned in fifth grade.

    This one? is.genius.

    Keep ’em coming Maggie!

  • Laura Says:

    I am LOVING Mighty Closet! This one was stupendous, Maggie. So.Much.Fun. I am totally inspired now. Hee! Thanks!

  • Bea Says:

    I LOVE these posts!

    I once had a black pantsuit that, sadly, I discarded once it was out of style. There are still moments now, like when I’m scrambling to find something to wear for an evening, that I lament my wicked hasty ways.

    This girl has style to spare – can I have some?!

  • amanda Says:

    I would like to formally request that you begin a new feature called, The Seasons of Courtney” or “Skott through the Seasons.”

  • pseudostoops Says:

    I would just like to note that Courtney looks 1000% better in that jumpsuit than the model in the “official” $380 version. Stunning.

  • Lauren From Texas Says:


  • Mahatma Ghandi: Zuerst ignorieren sie Dich - Ansichten eines Piraten Says:

    […] Mighty Closet: Courtney Skott, Outfit 5 | Mighty Girl […]

  • Cheri Says:

    Love the jumpsuit. Not sure I would be brave enough to have cocktails in it though, as I am just picturing myself a little tipsy trying to rope myself back into it. Might come out with one entire boob hanging out thus losing the allure of the single sexy triangle of skin!

  • Courtney Says:

    Maggie, I totally thought from the teaser yesterday that you were going to post the *other* jumper you photographed :-)

    The paint on the walls is Benjamin Moore Deep Space. Get the Aura paint — more expensive but guaranteed to cover in 2 coats, which is important with such a dark color, and it is low-VOC.

  • maya Says:

    love these mighty closets!
    i vote for a mighty apartment series next!

  • amy Says:

    absolutely! i am loving these mighty closets & this one has been uber-fabulous! ditto on amanda & maya – i could “follow” courtney’s daily wear the rest of the year and would love to see more of the equally fabulous background! (ps i have been questioning this romper/jumper trend but this black number? this is in its own class.)

  • Maggie Says:

    Your photography is fabulous. I would love to know what kind of equipment you use….

  • cee Says:

    I love these posts but all your friends are skinny and as beautiful as models…do you even HAVE any regular-looking friends with good clothes?

  • diane Says:

    Ha, I was just going to echo Cee’s sentiment! The Mighty Closeteers look wonderful, but if you’d feature some chunky, slack-jawed ladies with skin problems, it would really help me relate much more. x

  • Suzanne Says:

    Okay, spill: what shade of red lipstick are you wearing in these shots?

  • Steph Says:

    Thanks, Maggie. I, too, am inspired by Mighty Closet. I don’t like all the outfits (not for me), but it makes me feel like if I do like some oddball blouse or combination that I find in the thrift store, I can wear it with pride, instead of just keeping it in the closet and thinking about it.

  • Steph Says:

    also agree that some more full-figured womenz would be cool, too. :)

  • Kelly Says:

    Best Mighty Closet EVER. Keep ’em coming!

  • Suzie Says:

    Great closet! But seriously, I can’t find outfit 2 on the site. Can someone help?

  • susie Says:

    That? Is the first romper/jumper thing I have seen that I actually like. Love.

    I love the Mighty Closet posts – I have no innate fashion sense, so it’s nice to see how polished some funkier choices can look (though perhaps I ought to start running marathons before investing $400 in a jumper…)

  • Elizabeth Says:

    The Mighty Closet series is fantastic. I love every closet you’ve featured, and I love that each one is very different from the last. Can you feature a man’s Mighty Closet some time? It would be great to get a peek at guy’s fashion world. I would love to see what a guy’s version of a fabulous thrifted jumpsuit would be.

  • Aarathy Says:

    I am new out here.Super picks!!loved it.

  • libby Says:

    I cannot decide which is more sublime- the outfit or the gorgeous background. Either way, it’s all fabulous!

  • BOSSY Says:

    Hello, sweet pantsuit, what took you so long to come home?

  • Kate Says:

    PLEASE do a photo shoot of her HOUSE!