Mighty Life List
Jan 31 2008


Mighty Girl has been nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Bloggie, and it’s kind of knocking me for a loop. It feels awesome, but strange, to have my name up there with sites that are so much bigger than mine–and the past winners are a nostalgic list of the blogs I’ve admired and adored over the years.

Of course, I’m pretty grateful whenever I’m nominated for anything. I know how many people work so hard on their sites without any recognition at all, and sometimes without even a handful of readers to cheer them on. Lately, it feels like I have a whole stadium.

All of you, by just showing up to read what I’ve written, have inspired me to keep writing here for almost eight years. Because of you, I have a near daily record of some of the happiest years of my life. So thank you.

Please head over and vote for your favorite Bloggie nominees, because recognition is delicious. These are a few of the sites I’m rooting for:

Dooce for any one of her six(!) nominations. It’s nice when someone so talented is also so motivated to work her ass off.

NaBloPoMo for Best Community Blog. Eden’s simple, brilliant idea to get us all posting every day for the month of November.

Not Martha for Best Art or Craft Blog. Megan is passionate about details, and I bookmark several of her links every week.

3hive for Best Music Blog. It’s the Mighty Goods of music.

Twitter for Best Web Application. Makes far-away friends seem like they’re in the same city.

Jan 30 2008

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The Mighty Goods Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is up! Go have a look.

Jan 29 2008


From Esquire, Jan. 2008

“What are you really doing? At the core? My answer is—and this is what I’ve learned—you’re basically getting people to trust you.” Steve Wynn, Hotelier

“The most powerful tool of all is the word no.” Andy Grove, Former chairman of Intel

Jan 29 2008

Love Notes

I just finished the Mighty Goods Valentines Roundup, and I’m still marveling at how much cooler Valentines are now that Etsy is in the world.

Jan 28 2008

Family on the Internets

Heather took a one of my very favorite photos of Hank last week, and then she was interviewed over at Josh Spear. What a fun surprise to see my sweet little guy right there at the top of the page.

In other Internet randomness, someone pranked Evan by altering a photo of him and Bryan taken on New Year’s Eve a couple years ago. I clicked through on Evan’s twitter, and there was my drunk husband in his party plaids.

Jan 25 2008

Red Coat

There’s a photo of me up at Fashioni.st, my friend Mai’s San Francisco street fashion blog. That coat is one of my newest wardrobe infatuations, I never take it off. Also, it was fifteen bucks. Woot!

Jan 25 2008

Buenos Aires Street Art and Graffiti